Empathy: A Blessing or a Curse?


“Imagine being able to feel and sense everything, whether positive or negative, around you, 24/7. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who is perhaps ’empathizing’). It is possibly one of the most challenging of psychic gifts to master. I see it as an incredible gift to humanity.Trinity Bourne

Empathy can be both a blessing and a curse. Imagine picking up other people’s thoughts & feelings wherever you go. Now imagine picking these feelings up at a college during finals…or in an elementary school…on a Monday…

Today I have experienced fear, anger, anxiety, and sadness…and it is only 10 am. As I sit here, panic stricken, feeling as if I’m drowning, the world around me spinning … pain shooting down my arms, weight pressing down on my shoulders, with an emerging headache, I can’t help but ask myself, “Is this mine? … Are these my feelings? … Is this my energy?” The realization that these aren’t my thoughts or feelings today is extremely rewarding. During a recent transformational therapy session, I was taught how to read my body’s signals…I was taught that feeling as though the weight of the world is on my shoulder’s doesn’t come from my fears, or worries, or anxiety’s at all. It stems from me absorbing other person’s fears and worries.

Today, I am sitting on my college campus during finals, so far one of the busiest days during finals. I am surrounded by the pressures of all of these individuals. I spent this morning previewing the elementary school my daughter will be attending in the fall. While I didn’t feel as much chaos there, I was still picking up on someone’s fear…a fear of fitting in. What is all of this? What does this mean? I have only recently been brought to the realization that many of my fears, and anxieties do not stem from within at all, but it stems from my ability to absorb the energies of those around me. This isn’t something I chose, or asked for, or wanted. It just is. This is who I am. This is something that needs to be embraced. Through basic grounding and shielding techniques I am learning how to accept and manage this “psychic empathy.” When I don’t protect my energy, I have days like today. Fear, pain, confusion…heck, I even tried to overpay my rent by $400! When I center myself, and protect myself with positive energy I can be calm, at peace, and think logically.

All of the pain I have endured, the burdens I have “suffered”, all of this has led me to where I am in this exact moment. All of this is new to me, and I am in no way here to educate others on the practices of energy and energy healing. I am, however, here to walk you through my story…to show you what I have endured and how I have had to adapt and overcome through many situations. Through focus and positive outlets, I am learning how to transform this “curse” into a blessing.



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