In need of clarity & guidance…

I’m currently dealing with a private family matter right now, and it has been troubling me for some time. Sometimes, when I’m not sure what to do I turn to the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards for some clarity. Today’s selection “Come Out of the Closet – Amaterasu”. This card represents my direct past relating to the question I had asked for. My interpretation of this was that I needed to reveal my true feelings and beliefs of this issue.
The second card I picked was “Yoga – Bakaji” … this card refers to my present situation and what I must work on right now. Part of the cards meaning was “Yoga’s benefits are one of the answers to your questions. Through yoga, you’ll gain increased clarity, energy, flexibility, toning, and physical awareness.” This is great, because…yes this is exactly what I need. I made a commitment last week to attend a specific yoga class every Tuesday for the summer. This class is particularly special to me because it is filled with intuitive people and the instructor incorporates a mantra into each session. I am looking forward to building my strength as well as my clarity through these yoga sessions. And on my off days, I can incorporate light yoga within my own home. Through finding clarity, it will lead me to my third card, which is the “Power of Joy – Maitraya”. This one speaks for itself, follow the path I am currently on, and I will find joy. Joy has the highest energy vibration. By living with the power of joy, I believe I can live with the power to love, heal, and forgive.



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