Mommy & Ava Time

Mommy and Ava

I am a generally busy person. I go to school full time and usually work several jobs at a time. That left little to no time to spend with my daughter. After this extremely stressful semester, I decided I was going to take time to myself to spend with my daughter…I chose to not return to 2 of my summer jobs, left my school job (for the summer), turned down 2 job offers, and decided to only work one job at a local new Irish Pub in my hometown. My daughters preschool normally goes through the summer, but since she is starting kindergarten in the fall, and since I have more free time, I decided to keep her home for a few months.

The past few weeks we have gone on several adventures and spent plenty of time bonding! We’ve done simple things, like swimming in the pool, mini golf, and walks to the ice cream shop down the street, but our most exciting adventure was our trip to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. We (Myself, my boyfriend, and Ava) got ourselves a nice hotel and spent the day at the aquarium. We saw penguins, sea lions, turtles, sharks, and so much more exciting sea life! Ava even got to touch baby sharks and sting rays! We saw every exhibit and watched a very entertaining and informative Sea Lion show! Ava enjoyed her very first hotel stay and we enjoyed the pool and some local cuisine including the famous Mystic Pizza! Best pizza we have ever had hands down! We bought 3 large pizzas and a small and brought plenty home!

Since then we’ve done some local exploring on Cape. We walked to this beautiful place called “The Knob” in Falmouth. It is a piece of land that was donated as conservation land by a woman named Cornelia Carey before her passing. You have a choice of two paths on the walk, an easy & flat path, or a harder hiking trail up and down narrow, windy paths, which both ultimately lead you to a thin neck that leads to the Knob, which is a peninsula jotting out into the ocean where on a clear day, you can see New Bedford and the Elizabeth Islands. I took Ava and her friend and since I haven’t walked the paths in well over ten years, we accidentally took the hard trail. The kids handled it like champs and once we made it out to the Knob we relaxed and had a quick picnic then headed back, on the easy trail of course! It is certainly a beautiful asset to Cape Cod and I look forward to more walks with my daughter!

Today we visited the Sandwich Boardwalk, a fun little walk over some beautiful marshlands. I tried giving my daughter some educational advice on the environments in the marsh, what types of animals live there, how the tide is controlled by the moon, and why littering is so detrimental to the environment. We have explored other beautiful places on cape earlier this spring such as Heritage Gardens in Sandwich and trips to the Cape Cod Canal.We also plan on seeing many more sites such as several lighthouses, Plymouth Plantation, the Pilgrim Monument, Scargo Tower, and Cape Cod National Seashore!


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